About R. Hoffman Greenberg

Mr. Richard H. Greenberg originally began business in 1981 as a full service advertising agency, marketing and public relations firm and over the past years, through higher education and extensive experience, he professionally grew as did his company, R. Hoffman Greenberg. The company developed into a professional consultancy firm that now specializes in marketing and business development, and is known both nationally and internationally for their successful marketing, business development, strategy and solutions, relations, professional sales closures, Private Placement Memorandums, comprehensive business and marketing plans, Feasibility Studies and introductions to specialized legal firms, financial leaders, individual investors, investor groups and brokers worldwide for their clients.

His education consists of a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from UC Berkeley, a Bachelor of Arts degree in History with a minor in Biochemistry from the University of California at Riverside as well as a Certification in Film Production from UCLA and a Certification in Public Relations from the University of California at Riverside Extension.

Richard has over thirty-two years of extensive and successful experience both nationally and internationally in multiple arenas for his product branding and management for an array of highly recognized products in the food, recreational vehicle, automotive, household, technical, manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, industrial, medical, health, and beauty industries, relating to product development with extensive experience in packaging, marketing, sales, distribution and promotion. Mr. Greenberg is nationally recognized for his award winning and innovative work in the successful marketing of real estate projects in the United States, Canada and China, and is highly recognized worldwide for his successful product branding work in the manufacturing industry, automotive industry, and the beauty industry, involving the skincare, nail care, hair care, hardware, and spa care segments.

He is also a full partner in Creative Element Media, Inc., a motion picture and television production company and has many years of experience in the production of industrial films and video projects, television commercials and a televisions series “Boating USA”, starring Steve Kanaly and Bob Denver. In addition, he has vast experience in tradeshow development and implementation, plus magazine development and publishing along with extensive website graphics and technology, computer and Internet related marketing, business and management.

Richard has sat on the Boards of Directors for Hospitals, Museums and multiple charitable organizations and has held several positions of influence on other various boards and associations. He has been nationally recognized by the Building Industry Association, Cosmo Prof., CTFA and other internationally recognized organizations for his marketing success for his clients.